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Follow up on a lost customer who ordered goods / products / services from a long time ago but has been inactive ever since.

It has been [x] [months / years] since you last ordered from us. We hope that we have not done something to offend you in anyway. We are sure that you are aware of the convenience of shopping with us and the wide selections of [Products] we have. We would always like to assure you once again that everyone at [COMPANY] is still very keen to serve you.

If you have encountered a problem with our service or [Product], please let us know. If you are still using the same [Product] but switched to another supplier, we would like to know too. Whatever the reason, we would love to find out. It is our sincere desire to give you the personal attention and satisfaction you have come over the years to expect from [COMPANY]. We welcome any positive or negative feedbacks from our customers and friends to keep us on our toes.

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lost customer




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