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Purchase Order (PO)

Product / Goods

A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document sent by a buyer to a seller for the purchase of products or goods. Learn more about the process and benefits of using POs in your business.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This is a template for creating a Purchase Order (PO) from a buyer to a seller for purchasing products or goods. The document includes order details such as the order number, date, supplier information, delivery address, and a list of items to be purchased with their respective quantities, descriptions, unit prices, and line totals.

The purchase order may also include shipping information such as the shipper, shipping method, shipping terms, and delivery date, depending on the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Creating a purchase order is an essential part of the procurement process for businesses, as it helps to ensure that the products or goods are ordered at the correct quantities, prices, and specifications. The PO also serves as a legal document that binds both the buyer and the seller to the agreed terms of the purchase.

Using a purchase order system can also help businesses to streamline their order management process, reduce errors, and improve inventory control. It can also assist with accounting and invoicing, as the PO can be used to track expenses and payments.

Overall, a purchase order is a crucial tool for businesses to efficiently and accurately purchase products or goods from their suppliers. By using a standardised PO template, businesses can ensure that their purchase orders include all the necessary information, and reduce the risk of errors or misunderstandings with their suppliers.

How to use the document?

Here are the steps to use this purchase order document:

1. Fill in the details of your company, including the company name, address, and email.

2. Add the purchase order number and the current date.

3. Fill in the supplier's information, including their name and address.

4. Include the delivery address where the products or goods will be shipped.

5. If applicable, fill in the shipping details such as the shipper, shipping method, shipping terms, and delivery date.

6. In the table section, fill in the quantity, description, unit price, and line total for each product or item to be purchased.

7. Calculate the subtotal, sales tax, and total for the purchase order.

8. Review the purchase order to ensure all the necessary details are included and accurate.

9. Send the purchase order to the supplier for confirmation and processing.

By following these steps, businesses can use this purchase order document to efficiently and accurately place orders with their suppliers for the purchase of products or goods. The purchase order serves as a legal document that binds both parties to the agreed terms of the purchase, and can also help to improve inventory control and streamline the order management process.

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