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Product / Goods Enquiry

Response to Second Enquiry

Apologise for delayed response with price list attachment. Use this template to respond to a second enquiry from a customer requesting a quote.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Product / Goods Enquiry' is an important communication tool used by a company to respond to a customer's inquiry about their products. It serves as a formal response to the customer's interest and provides them with the necessary information and materials to make a purchasing decision.


The entire document consists of a letter format and is divided into several sections. The first section includes the sender's information, such as the company name, address, contact details, and the recipient's name and address. This section ensures that both parties are properly identified and can establish communication.


The second section is the introduction, where the sender expresses gratitude for the customer's interest and apologizes for any delay in response. It also informs the customer that the quote and catalogue are attached and provides instructions in case they do not receive them by a certain date.


The third section highlights the company's offerings and encourages the customer to explore their full range of products on their website. It mentions the availability of bulk discounts and discounts for online purchases, emphasizing the ease of ordering through various channels.


The final section concludes the letter by offering further assistance and expressing anticipation for the customer's order. It is a polite and professional closing that aims to leave a positive impression on the customer.


Overall, this document serves as a comprehensive response to a customer's product inquiry, providing all the necessary information and encouraging them to make a purchase.

How to use this document?

1. Provide prompt response: Ensure that the customer's inquiry is addressed promptly and apologize for any delay in response.

2. Attach quote and catalogue: Make sure to attach the quote and catalogue to the email or letter, ensuring that the customer has access to the necessary information.

3. Mention website and discounts: Direct the customer to the company's website to explore the full range of products and inform them about any available discounts, such as bulk discounts or online purchase discounts.

4. Provide ordering options: Clearly state the available options for placing an order, whether it is online or through phone, and provide the necessary contact details.

5. Offer assistance: Let the customer know that the company is available to help in any other way and express anticipation for their order.

6. Maintain a polite and professional tone throughout the document: Ensure that the language used is courteous and professional, leaving a positive impression on the customer.

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