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Request for Product Test


This is a Request for Product Test. This request letter is from a worker who wants his product in hand to be tested by another colleague to see if any previous problem is fixed after amendments. It is hard for a person to find out all problems of a product by himself as different product user might have different preferences and ways to use that product. Therefore, asking your colleague for help when developing your product will be a good idea before the product is being sold to customers. Companies would not like it when customers complain about their products' deficits.

How to use this document?

The sender of this letter should check carefully if the details of the product deficits and what he would like his colleague to test on are well written on the letter so that the person receiving this letter would be clear about what to do.

Testing is an essential part of developing a quality product. It helps manufacturers create products that are reliable within certain technical standards. In other words, testing is a necessary step for product development teams to go through to provide high quality products that last. Perhaps most importantly, product testing can ensure that an item is safe for general use.

Testing ensures that the products manufacturers bring to market hold up to even the most rugged and ruthless conditions, similar to those consumers may encounter or put their products through. Putting a product through extensive testing helps a manufacturer measure the effects of aging on products without waiting months or years. Accelerated life testing ensures products can withstand the rigors of everyday use. This testing typically includes subjecting parts to extreme temperature ranges or varying levels of humidity in an test chamber.

Testing in a chamber is particularly important for new and innovative products which need to perform as expected without defects to gain market share. To stand out against established competitors, new products must exceed expectations of quality and performance. Testing in an environmental test chamber can help companies introduce new products and technologies to the marketplace without concerns regarding safety or performance.

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