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Letter of Complaint for poor quality highlighting the promised quality and performance issues and resulting damages and demanding cancellation of the purchase, full refund and also compensation.

This letter expresses disappointment in regards to the qualities issues from the poor quality/performance issues in products delivered. The received products are in contrary to the promised quality and promised performance. 

Hence, for the sake of mending a business relationship, use this letter template to seek further compensation. This includes asking for replacement of goods or a refund/discount for the poor quality product(s) delivered. 

This letter seeks urgent attention, in which the complaint states the resulting damages by poor quality goods delivered by the supplier. 

Moreover, it requests to claim the cancellation/damages/refunds/replacement of the poor quality goods delivered. 

How to use this Document? 


This document should be carefully read by the Individual Company and Purchaser.

The document should be sent as soon as the quality deficiency / defect to the product is discovered to ensure that action will be taken by the company. 

The product order number, specific issue of the product received, and the suggested / requested solution should all be clearly stated in the complaint letter. Photos of the product received may be attached to 

The Company should return a letter of reply regarding the decided action towards the complaint. 

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