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Product / Goods Information Request / Enquiry

Product / Goods Information Request / Enquiry

Specific Product

Request for information to a manufacturer on specific / tailor made product, specifying your requirements for the product.

[Give background on your usage requirements - e.g. Our office is small and the [Product] would generally be used by only [n] staff. We run approximately [number] of per months and would prefer a machine with higher capacity. We would like to have [feature], but rarely need to use it more than [x] times per month.]

We intend to use the [product] for [purpose] and we attach the specifications we would require, including [model, size and technical specifications]. Would you be able to supply us with [quantity] by [date]?

How to use this Document?


You should provide your contact details, address and all required information clearly to ensure smooth processing of your request.


How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


1. Create Document: Click “Create Document” button and the document will be prepared with your account details automatically filled in.

2. Please fill in any additional information by following the step-by-step guide on the left hand side of the preview document and click the “Next” button.

3. When you are done, click the “Get Document” button and you can download the document in Word or PDF format.

4. Please review the document carefully and make any final modifications to ensure that the details are correct before sending to the addressee.

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