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Response to customer enquiry about defective goods

Apologise for defective goods with our customer inquiry response template. We offer a sincere apology, propose a solution, and provide a discount on the next purchase.

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Document Description

If you're looking for a template for responding to a customer inquiry about defective goods, look no further. This document offers a simple and effective response that can help you maintain good customer relationships and improve satisfaction.

The template starts by thanking the customer for their interest in your products and apologising for any inconvenience caused by the defective goods. This is an important step in showing the customer that you value their business and are willing to take responsibility for any issues that may arise.

The template then goes on to offer a solution to the problem. While the specific solution will depend on the situation, it's important to provide a clear and actionable plan for resolving the issue. This can include anything from offering a replacement product to providing a refund or repair service.

As a nice gesture, the template also offers a 5% discount on the customer's next purchase. This can help to show the customer that you are committed to making things right and value their continued business.

Finally, the template invites the customer to reach out if they need any further assistance. This can help to build trust and rapport with the customer and ensure that they feel supported throughout the process.

Overall, this template offers a clear and concise response to a customer inquiry about defective goods, with a focus on building customer relationships and improving satisfaction.


How to use this Document?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use this document template for responding to a customer inquiry about defective goods:

1. Customise the document: Replace "ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY" with the name of your company. Update "ACCOUNT_JOB_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE" with the address of your company. Provide a valid contact number under "ACCOUNT_PHONE_NO" and an appropriate email address under "ACCOUNT_EMAIL." Replace "FIRST LAST" with the customer's first and last name, and "ADDRESS" with their address. Modify "CURRENT_DATE" with the current date.

2. Begin with a polite greeting: Start the letter by addressing the customer using their appropriate title, first name, and last name. This adds a personal touch to the response, making it more engaging for the reader.

3. Express gratitude and apology: Show appreciation for the customer's interest in your products and acknowledge any inconvenience caused by the defective goods. This demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and highlights your willingness to take responsibility for any issues.

4. Offer a solution: Provide a clear and practical solution to address the customer's concern about the defective goods. Tailor the solution to the specific situation, whether it involves a replacement, refund, repair, or any other appropriate resolution.

5. Mention the discount: As a goodwill gesture, mention the offer of a 5% discount on the customer's next purchase. This incentive encourages the customer to continue their relationship with your company, demonstrating your commitment to their satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Encourage further communication: Invite the customer to reach out if they require additional assistance or have any further questions or concerns. This shows that you value open communication and are dedicated to providing ongoing support to the customer.

7. End with a professional closing: Sign off the response with a sincere and professional closing. Include your first name, last name, and job position under "ACCOUNT_FIRST_NAME ACCOUNT_LAST_NAME" and "ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY" to provide a personal touch and reinforce your company's identity.


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