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Applying to be Del Credere Agent

Application letter from the Applicant/Agent

This document can be used as a template for the agent to apply to become the del credere agent of the principal. It states the prospect of success of the principal's business, and it also sets out the trial period, commission rate and del credere commission rate. 

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Applying to be Del Credere Agent' is a formal letter that serves as an application to become a Del Credere Agent for a company. The document starts with a brief introduction, highlighting the importance of the demand for the company's products in the country and the potential for market development. It emphasizes the distributor's experience, resources, and knowledge of the local conditions, which make them suitable for the role.


The letter is addressed to the recipient as 'dear sir/madam' and includes a reference to a previous entity that can verify the distributor's statements. The distributor proposes to discuss the rate of commission but suggests that a credit on orders placed during a specific period would be a reasonable figure due to the initial heavy work on market development. They also offer to act on a del credere basis, which means assuming the risk of non-payment in return for an extra commission.


The letter concludes by expressing hope for a positive response and an early decision from the recipient.


Overall, the document provides a detailed account of the distributor's qualifications, proposal, and expectations, making a strong case for their suitability as a Del Credere Agent.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Applying to be Del Credere Agent' document, follow these steps:


1. Begin by filling in the required information: Enter the account first name, account last name, account job title, and account job address in the designated fields.

2. Specify the date: Enter the current date in the specified format.

3. Address the recipient: Start the letter with 'Dear sir/madam' followed by the recipient's name or title if known.

4. Highlight the demand and market potential: Clearly state the increase in demand for the company's products in the country and express confidence in the market's potential. Provide specific details or statistics if available.

5. Emphasize distributor's qualifications: Describe the distributor's experience as well-known distributors with branches in principal towns. Mention their knowledge of local conditions and reference a reliable source that can verify their statements.

6. Propose commission and del credere basis: Discuss the rate of commission and suggest a credit on orders placed during a specific period as a reasonable figure. Offer to act on a del credere basis in return for an extra commission to cover the additional risk.

7. Express hope for a positive response: Conclude the letter by expressing hope for a worthwhile opportunity and an early decision from the recipient.


By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the 'Applying to be Del Credere Agent' document to apply for the role of a Del Credere Agent and present a compelling case to the company.

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