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Revenue / Fee Sharing Agreement - Service Fee


Protect your business and clients with our customisable revenue/fee sharing agreement template for service providers.

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Document Description

Simple fee sharing agreement for a servicer to share its fee received from clients referred by the referrer who will also be responsible for liaising with clients. This agreement is drafted in favour of the Servicer.

The parties agree that the Servicer will share its fees with the Referrer, in consideration for the Referrer referring clients to Servicer.

Referrer agrees to use its existing connections and channels to secure business for Servicer. Referrer may only describe itself as the Servicer's authorised [RELATIONSHIP] for the Services.

Referrer will continue to liaise with Referred Clients on behalf of the Servicer in relation to the Service.

Referrer may disclose, in general terms, information concerning the Servicer to Referred Clients and potential Referred Clients but only so far as is necessary in good faith to promote the Services.

Referrer may use the Trademark and such of the Servicer's other know how, patents, copyright, trade names, trademarks and patents (the "Rights") as the Servicer may from time to time authorise in writing exclusively in performing its duties in this Agreement. Referrer shall not take any action which may adversely affect the Rights or the Servicer's title to them and shall not gain any title to the Rights.

Referrer shall promptly notify the Servicer of all enquiries concerning and orders for the Services which it receives from clients and prospective clients.

Referrer shall be responsible for obtaining all licences, permits and approvals which are necessary or advisable for referral of the Services and for the performance of its duties hereunder.

Referrer shall maintain a list of customers and potential customers for the Services and shall at the request of the Servicer supply the Servicer with a copy of that list.

Referrer shall promptly inform the Servicer of any complaint or after‑sales enquiry concerning the Services which is received by the Referrer.

Referrer shall not:

(a) pledge the credit of the Servicer in any way;

(b) use any advertising, promotional or selling materials in relation to the Services except those supplied or approved by the Servicer;

(c) engage in any conduct which in the opinion of the Servicer is prejudicial to the Servicer's business or the marketing of the Services generally; or

(d) be concerned or interested either directly or indirectly in the sale, promotion, marketing or conduct of any services which compete with the Services.

How to use this document?

This document should be carefully read by the Servicer and Referrer.

The Servicer, Referrer, Commission fee, Services should be clearly stated in the document.


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