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Importer's Payment by Bank Draft

Dealing with New Customers

This document can be used as a template for the supplier / exporter to request payment by bank draft. It is used with new customers.

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Review Document

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Importer's Payment by Bank Draft' is an important document in the context of international trade and payment transactions. It serves as a formal communication between the importer and the seller regarding the payment method and terms for a specific order.


The entire document consists of a title, content, and sender's information. The title clearly indicates the purpose of the document, which is to inform the importer about the payment process using a bank draft.


The content of the document starts with the account holder's first and last name, followed by their job title. The next line contains the account holder's address. The date of the document is mentioned, indicating the current date.


The document is addressed to the recipient as 'Dear Sir/Madam,' indicating a formal tone. The main body of the document informs the recipient that the supplier is pleased to inform them about the availability of the product mentioned in the order number of 6 August. The supplier proposes a payment method using a bank draft, which is to be accepted by the recipient's bankers within 30 days.


The document further states that upon receiving the accepted draft, the supplier will arrange to ship the goods. In the meantime, the supplier is holding the goods for the recipient.


The document concludes with a closing phrase, 'Yours faithfully,' followed by the account holder's first and last name and job title.


Overall, this document serves as a formal notification to the importer about the availability of the ordered product and the proposed payment method using a bank draft. It also highlights the supplier's willingness to ship the goods upon receiving the accepted draft.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the document:


1. Enter Account Information: Fill in the account holder's first name, last name, job title, and address in the respective fields.

2. Specify the Date: Update the date field with the current date.

3. Address the Recipient: Replace 'Dear Sir/Madam' with the appropriate salutation for the recipient.

4. Provide Order Details: Modify the content to include the specific order number and date of the order.

5. Explain Payment Method: Customize the content to explain the payment method using a bank draft and the acceptance period of 30 days.

6. Mention Goods Holding: If applicable, mention that the supplier is holding the goods for the recipient until the accepted draft is received.

7. Sign Off: Replace 'Yours faithfully' with an appropriate closing phrase and include the account holder's first and last name along with their job title.


Please note that this guidance provides a general overview of how to use the document. It is important to review and customize the content according to the specific requirements and circumstances of the transaction.

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