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Revenue / Fee Sharing Letter - Success Fee


Use our simple fee sharing letter to reward your introducer for successful investor referrals. Easily share your fees while maintaining a professional relationship.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This Simple Fee Sharing Agreement is a legal document that outlines the sharing arrangement of the Fees received from a company or its affiliates for introducing potential investment participants to the company. The agreement is drafted from the perspective of the introducer and confirms a verbal agreement on the sharing arrangement between the parties.

The document includes details of the sharing percentage and the Success Fee, which is payable to the introducer upon investment by the introduced investors. The shared fee shall be paid within 1 day of receipt from the original party and shall be paid to the bank account designated by the Introducer. The document also includes provisions for confidentiality, indemnification, contribution, and the Fee Sharer's obligation to pay fees. The agreement shall be binding and inure to the benefit of the parties and their personal representatives, successors, and assigns. This letter is transferable in part or in its entirety to an affiliate of the Introducer for the first six (6) months from the date hereof. The document includes a jurisdiction clause and is signed by both parties. The SEO keywords for this document are: Simple fee sharing letter, advisor, share, fee, received, company, introducer, introducing investors, success basis.

How to use this document?

Steps to use this document for a simple fee sharing agreement:

1. Start by filling in the names and addresses of the parties involved. The letter is drafted from the perspective of the introducer, so the introducer's name and address should be listed first, followed by the fee sharer's name and address.

2. Address the letter to the fee sharer's contact person, and include the current date.

3. Clearly state that this letter confirms the verbal agreement on fee sharing between the parties, with reference to the original fee agreement.

4. Provide details on the joint arrangement made by the introducer and the fee sharer in relation to the investors for the project. List the names of the investors, and explain that the fee sharer will share a percentage of fees received from the original party with the introducer, in consideration for introducing the investors.

5. Specify the shared fee amount and when it will be paid. It should be made clear that the shared fee will be paid by the fee sharer to the introducer within one day of receipt from the original party, and that it will be paid to the bank account designated by the introducer.

6. Include a confidentiality clause, in which both parties agree to keep any proprietary information confidential and not use it except as required by applicable law or judicial process.

7. Add a clause regarding the pursuit of success fees by both parties in the event that the original party fails to pay. It should be stated that the provisions regarding fees sharing, confidentiality, indemnification, contribution, and the fee sharer’s obligation to pay fees will survive any termination of the agreement.

8. Include a transferability clause, stating that for the first six months from the date of the letter, the agreement can be partially or entirely transferred to an affiliate of the introducer.

9. Add a provision that the letter supersedes all previous agreements and understanding, whether oral or written, between the parties regarding the subject matter.

10. Include a clause for amendment of the letter, stating that any amendment must be in writing and executed by both parties.

11. Add a clause for notice delivery, specifying that all notices will be made in writing or by email and providing the contact information for each party.

12. Include a jurisdiction clause, which identifies the jurisdiction where the agreement will be enforced.

13. The letter should be signed and dated by both parties to signify their acceptance and agreement with the terms.

14. The letter should clearly state that it is a simple fee sharing agreement for an advisor to share its fee received from the company with an introducer for introducing investors on a success basis. The investor, introducer, success fee, and project should also be clearly stated in the document.

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