Complaint Letter - Product - Poor Quality of Product

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Complaint Letter - Product
Poor Quality of Product
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Letter / e-mail / note / correspondence
Business > Commercial / Marketing > Goods / Products
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A letter/email of complaint of poor quality product. The email describes the specific quality issues concerning the product, and requests for a replacement of the product of supply of the product and/or a refund. It also requests for possible compensation from the supplier and/or claim damages.

I am / We are disappointed with the quality of [Products] in the order. [They are not up to the usual standard of [previous orders] / [competitors] / [the sample provided].] / [[Products] do not conform to the quality [promised by you] / [expected for this product].]

[DESCRIBE THE SPECIFIC QUALITY ISSUE: e.g. easily breaks, does not work properly, flimsy, different colour, different size, does not fit, poor workmanship etc.]
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