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Selling Health / Fitness Program / Package

Sales Letter Selling a fitness / health program - direct selling. It dispels any rumour associated with the program and offers special promotional package.

Now is the chance to get fit! Many people across the country are discovering that [PROGRAM] is an effective and fun way to get healthy and better body shape as a bonus.

[PROGRAM] is a special program to help people get started. We will send you a [PROGRAM] kit with [DESCRIBE WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE]. For just [x] minutes a day, [y] times a week, these easy-to-follow program will [firm up the muscles in your body and help your achieve a better body shape].

Despite the myth that have grown up around [the fitness program / losing weight], [it will not result in the reduction of your "cup" size] [DESCRIBE ANY RUMOUR ABOUT THE PROGRAM OR WHAT WORRIES YOUR CUSTOMER THE MOST] . A well designed program like [PROGRAM] is completely safe, we will help you focus only in the areas you want to lose fat, and avoid losing in areas where you might want to keep them. You will end up with a toned up body in better shape.

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