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Sales Letter Resort /Appeal to Empathy


This document can be used as a template for a sales letter. It is often used by an organisation to raise funds for children with disabilities, and it is written to appeal to the empathy aspect.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Sales Letter Resort/Appeal to Empathy' is a sales letter that aims to appeal to the reader's empathy and encourage them to take action to help children who are born crippled or become crippled due to accidents or illness. The letter starts by addressing the reader as 'dear sir/madam' and immediately highlights the importance of the document by emphasizing the ability to walk, which is often taken for granted but denied to thousands of others. The letter then presents a shocking statistic that every 5 minutes, a deformed child is born or a child is crippled, resulting in 288 more crippled children every day.


The content of the letter focuses on raising awareness about this inequality and urging the reader to help. It emphasizes that while many unfair aspects of life cannot be changed, this is one important inequality that everyone can contribute to addressing. The document includes an enclosed leaflet that provides detailed information on how the reader can help. The letter concludes by reminding the reader of their own luck and sincerely requesting them to read the enclosed leaflet carefully.


Overall, the document serves as a persuasive sales letter that aims to evoke empathy in the reader and motivate them to take action to support children who are born crippled or become crippled due to accidents or illness.

How to use this document?

1. Read the document carefully to understand its purpose and message.

2. Reflect on the importance of the ability to walk and the unfairness faced by children who are born crippled or become crippled.

3. Pay attention to the statistic provided, which highlights the frequency of new cases of deformities or disabilities.

4. Take note of the call to action in the letter, which encourages readers to help address this inequality.

5. Read the enclosed leaflet for detailed information on how to contribute and make a difference.

6. Consider the impact of your actions and the potential positive change they can bring to the lives of crippled children.

7. Remember your own fortune and the privilege of being able to walk, and let it motivate you to take action.

8. Share the document and the enclosed leaflet with others to raise awareness and encourage their support as well.

9. Follow the instructions provided in the leaflet to contribute in the most effective way possible.

10. Keep in mind that even small contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

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