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Affiliate Agreement


Looking for an Affiliate Agreement for your company? Our legally binding agreement protects your business while ensuring fair compensation for your affiliates.

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Document Description

An affiliate agreement is a contract where one party promotes another company’s products or services. In return, one gets a commission or a fee owing to their promotional efforts. In fact, many affiliate agreements are between two parties who are unrelated and have no direct control over each other’s business practices.

By partnering with affiliates, the company can raise its brand exposure and drive more sales by promoting the brand to a wider audience. In terms of marketing, affiliate marketing is a cost-effective strategy as it only pays for actual results. Ultimately, an effective affiliate program creates a win-win situation, where both companies and affiliates experience mutual growth and benefits.

The entire document consists of several sections, each addressing a specific aspect of the agreement. The first section, titled 'Definitions,' provides clear definitions for key terms used throughout the agreement, such as 'Company's website,' 'Affiliate's website,' 'goods or services,' and 'value of goods or services.' This section ensures that both parties have a shared understanding of the terminology used.

The second section, titled 'Affiliate Program,' outlines the process for joining the program. It states that the Affiliate must complete and submit an application form on the Company's website, which will be evaluated by the Company to determine suitability. Upon approval, the Affiliate will be provided with a specific link or code to promote the Company's products or services on their website.

The third section, titled 'Commission,' details how the Affiliate will be compensated for their promotional efforts. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the net value of goods or services sold directly as a result of the Affiliate's efforts. The Affiliate is responsible for maintaining accurate payment information and issuing an invoice to the Company for payment.

The fourth section, titled 'Non-Exclusivity,' clarifies that the agreement is non-exclusive, allowing both parties to enter into similar agreements with other entities. This section ensures that the Affiliate is not restricted from working with other affiliate programs, and the Company can engage additional affiliates without seeking the Affiliate's approval.

The fifth section, titled 'Limited License,' grants the Affiliate a limited, non-exclusive license to display the Company's marks (logos, trademarks, and service marks) on their website. The Affiliate is prohibited from using the marks for any other purpose without the Company's written consent.

The sixth section, titled 'Responsibilities of Affiliate,' outlines the obligations and responsibilities of the Affiliate. These include compliance with the requirements of the affiliate program, adherence to applicable laws and regulations, and ensuring the accuracy and legality of claims made on their website.

The seventh section, titled 'Term and Termination,' specifies the duration of the agreement and the conditions under which either party can terminate it. It also outlines the consequences of termination, such as the Affiliate ceasing to promote the Company's goods or services and the settlement of outstanding affiliate fees.

The eighth section, titled 'Consequences of Termination,' further elaborates on the effects of termination, including the Affiliate's lack of claim for compensation and the parties' release from further obligations under the agreement.

The ninth section, titled 'Confidentiality,' establishes the obligation of the Affiliate to treat any confidential information provided by the Company as confidential and not to disclose it without the Company's consent. It also allows the Affiliate to disclose relevant parts of the confidential information to customers and potential customers for the purpose of promoting the sale of the goods or services.

The tenth section, titled 'Indemnification,' requires the Affiliate to indemnify and hold harmless the Company against any claims or losses arising from the use of the Company's intellectual property, misrepresentation, or damage caused by the Affiliate's website.

The eleventh section, titled 'Warranty of Capacity and Power,' includes representations and warranties from each party regarding their authority and capacity to enter into and perform their obligations under the agreement.

The twelfth section, titled 'Force Majeure,' relieves both parties from liability for any failure or delay in performing their obligations due to causes beyond their reasonable control.

The thirteenth section, titled 'General,' includes various general provisions, such as restrictions on assignment, the independent contractor relationship between the parties, the method of giving notices, and the waiver of rights.

The fourteenth section, titled 'No Rights Under Contracts for Third Parties,' clarifies that third parties have no right to enforce any terms of the agreement.

The fifteenth section, titled 'Arbitration and Proper Law,' encourages the parties to resolve any disputes amicably and specifies the proper law governing the agreement.

The sixteenth section, titled 'Notices and Service,' outlines the methods and deemed times of delivering notices between the parties.

The document concludes with the signatures of the duly authorized representatives of both parties, indicating their agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in the Affiliate Agreement.


How to use this document?


To use the Affiliate Agreement effectively, follow these steps:


1. Join the Affiliate Program: Complete and submit the application form on the Company's website to join the Affiliate Program. Your suitability will be evaluated by the Company.


2. Obtain the Affiliate Link or Code: Upon approval, the Company will provide you with a specific link or code to promote their products or services on your website. Use this link or code to direct your website visitors to the Company's website.


3. Promote the Company's Products or Services: Utilize the unique affiliate codes/links assigned by the Company to promote their products or services. Encourage your website visitors to click on the Company's link, which will redirect them to the Company's website for purchasing.


4. Calculate and Invoice Affiliate Fee: Keep track of the net value of goods or services sold directly as a result of your promotional efforts. Calculate the affiliate fee as a percentage of this value. Maintain accurate payment information with the Company and issue an invoice for the affiliate fee at the end of each month.


5. Comply with Program Requirements and Laws: Ensure that your website and promotional activities comply with the requirements of the affiliate program, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. Avoid engaging in fraudulent activities or promoting illegal content.


6. Display Marks and Maintain Confidentiality: Display the Company's marks (logos, trademarks, and service marks) on your website as permitted by the limited license. Treat any confidential information provided by the Company as confidential and do not disclose it without the Company's consent.


7. Track Customer Purchases: Implement the tracking mechanism provided by the Company to track customers who make purchases directly as a result of your promotional efforts. Follow up with these customers to confirm their purchase and gather feedback.


8. Termination and Consequences: Understand the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement. In the event of termination, cease promoting the Company's goods or services and settle any outstanding affiliate fees.


9. Resolve Disputes Amicably: In case of any disputes, make reasonable efforts to resolve them amicably and in good faith. Consider arbitration as a means of dispute resolution.


10. Stay Informed and Compliant: Stay updated on any changes or modifications to the agreement. Ensure ongoing compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in the Affiliate Agreement.


By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the Affiliate Agreement to establish a successful partnership with the Company and promote their goods or services on your website.

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