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Sales / Marketing Communication

Seminar on Financial Planning

Financial Planner providing free seminar to potential customers on financial planning.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Sales / Marketing Communication' is a letter inviting the recipient to a free seminar on financial planning. The letter emphasizes the importance of personal financial planning, especially in times of economic uncertainty. It highlights the expertise of the sender, who is a personal financial planner at Account Job Company, in helping individuals set long-term financial goals and select investment strategies to meet those goals. The sender also mentions their ability to assist with tax planning and estate planning.


The letter begins with a greeting and a brief introduction to the topic of financial planning. It mentions the increasing life expectancy and the need for individuals to save more money for retirement. It suggests that personal financial planning is crucial for ensuring a secure future.


The sender then extends an invitation to the recipient to attend a free seminar on financial planning. The seminar will include a question and answer session where attendees can get specific questions answered. The date, time, and venue of the seminar are provided.


The letter concludes by informing the recipient that registration for the seminar is on a first come first serve basis due to limited seats. The sender requests the recipient to confirm their attendance by contacting them via telephone or email. They also provide their website link for more information.


Overall, the document serves as a persuasive invitation to the recipient to attend the seminar and highlights the importance of personal financial planning.

How to use this document?

1. Understand the importance: Recognize the significance of personal financial planning, especially in times of economic uncertainty and increasing life expectancy.

2. Consider professional assistance: Acknowledge the expertise of personal financial planners, like the sender, in setting long-term financial goals and selecting suitable investment strategies.

3. Explore additional services: Take advantage of the sender's ability to assist with tax planning and estate planning.

4. Attend the seminar: Respond to the invitation by confirming attendance via telephone or email.

5. Prepare questions: Prepare specific questions related to financial planning to ask during the question and answer session at the seminar.

6. Register early: Due to limited seats, ensure early registration to secure a spot at the seminar.

7. Gather information: Visit the sender's website for more details about the seminar and their services.

8. Participate actively: Engage in the seminar, ask questions, and seek personalized advice for your financial planning needs.

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