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Sales / Marketing Communication


Selling membership in relation to club / restaurant.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Sales / Marketing Communication' is a communication piece aimed at promoting the benefits and features of an exclusive membership program offered by Account Job Company. The document is addressed to a specific individual and begins with a personalized greeting.


The importance of the document lies in its ability to attract potential customers and convince them to sign up for the membership program. It highlights the various privileges and perks that members can enjoy, such as access to exclusive clubs and restaurants, 24/7 butler service, and bonus points for rewards.


The document starts with a catchy question that grabs the reader's attention and creates a desire to be treated as a VIP. It then proceeds to explain the benefits of the membership program in detail, emphasizing the convenience and luxury it offers.


The document also provides clear instructions on how to sign up for the program. It mentions that interested individuals can easily register online through the company's website, www.docpro.com. Additionally, a customer hotline number is provided for further inquiries.


Overall, this document serves as a persuasive marketing tool to attract potential customers and showcase the unique advantages of becoming a member of Account Job Company's exclusive program.

How to use this document?

1. Grab attention: Start the communication with a captivating question that appeals to the reader's desire for VIP treatment.

2. Highlight benefits: Clearly explain the privileges and perks of the membership program, such as access to exclusive clubs, 24/7 butler service, and bonus points for rewards.

3. Emphasize convenience: Describe how easy it is to sign up for the program by directing interested individuals to the company's website, www.docpro.com.

4. Provide contact information: Include a customer hotline number for individuals who prefer to inquire over the phone.

5. Create a sense of exclusivity: Convey the message that Account Job Company prioritizes its members and always puts them first.

6. Use personalized language: Address the recipient by their title and last name to create a sense of importance and individual attention.

7. Maintain a friendly tone: Sign off the communication with a polite and professional closing, expressing gratitude for the recipient's time and consideration.

8. Proofread and revise: Ensure that the document is free of grammatical errors and typos before sending it out to potential customers.

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