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Reaching Out to Customer

Cold contact email

This is a template where the company reaches out to potential collaborators/partners who it has not contacted before. The template introduces the company, provides information regarding the event and expresses the willingness to discuss with the potential collaborator/partner.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Reaching Out to Customer' is a formal email written by an individual from the marketing team of a company to a potential customer. The document serves the purpose of inviting the customer for a potential collaboration and providing information about the company and its projects.


The entire document consists of several sections:


1. Introduction: The document starts with a greeting and a brief introduction of the sender. It establishes a friendly tone and expresses the sender's hope for a collaboration.


2. Company Information: The document provides detailed information about the company, highlighting its long establishment and good reputation in the technology field. It mentions the company's goal of bringing top-notch digital solutions to clients and showcases its track record of completing 200+ projects for clients from 20+ countries.


3. Project Proposal: The document mentions that the sender believes the recipient has shown interest in technology events and helping out start-ups. It introduces a specific project and describes it briefly, emphasizing the potential for reaching new heights with the recipient's participation.


4. Meeting Invitation: The document expresses the sender's desire to arrange a meeting with the recipient to discuss the project details and the possibility of collaboration. It conveys the importance of the meeting in furthering the collaboration.


5. Conclusion: The document concludes with a thank you message and an expression of anticipation for the recipient's reply. It ends with the sender's name and contact information.


Overall, the document aims to establish a professional and persuasive communication with the recipient, highlighting the importance of the collaboration and providing relevant information about the company and the project.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the document:


1. Start with a personalized greeting: Begin the email by addressing the recipient with their first name, creating a friendly and personalized tone.


2. Introduce yourself and your company: Provide a brief introduction of yourself and your role in the marketing team. Mention the name and reputation of your company in the technology field.


3. Highlight company achievements: Emphasize the company's track record of completing numerous projects and serving clients from various countries. Showcase the expertise and credibility of the company.


4. Connect with recipient's interests: Mention that you are aware of the recipient's interest in technology events and start-ups. Introduce the specific project and describe it briefly, focusing on how the recipient's participation can contribute to its success.


5. Request a meeting: Express your desire to arrange a meeting with the recipient to discuss the project details and explore the possibility of collaboration. Clearly state the importance of the meeting in furthering the collaboration.


6. Express gratitude and anticipation: Conclude the email with a thank you message for the recipient's consideration and express anticipation for their reply. Sign off with your name and provide your contact information.


Note: Ensure that the email is concise, clear, and free from grammatical errors. Attach any relevant information bundle, such as booklets, to provide further details about the project.

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