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Sales / Marketing Communication

Introduction to Unique Product

Self introduction / referral to targeted customer / client on unique product / goods base on client activity.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Sales / Marketing Communication' is an important communication tool used in sales and marketing activities. It serves as a means to introduce a product to a potential customer and highlight its unique features and benefits. The document is addressed to a specific individual and includes a personalized greeting.


The content of the document starts by acknowledging that the recipient is in need of a product and then proceeds to introduce the product in question. It emphasizes that the product has received positive reviews from industry groups, consumer bodies, media, or testing agencies, highlighting its superior quality, reliability, and design.


The document further elaborates on the unique features of the product, such as its technology, integration, appearance, color, storage, support, or format. It explains how the product can resolve specific problems and mentions that it is suitable for various uses. The document also mentions that the sales of the product are increasing rapidly and that it is competitively priced.


In terms of structure, the document includes a salutation, a body of text, and a closing. It also mentions that brochures, technical data, price lists, and other materials on the product are enclosed. The sender offers a demo of the product if required and provides contact information for any further questions.


Overall, this document serves as a persuasive tool to generate interest in the product and encourage the recipient to take further action.

How to use this document?

1. Address the recipient: Begin the document by addressing the recipient with their first and last name.

2. Introduce the product: Clearly state the purpose of the document, which is to introduce a specific product to the recipient.

3. Highlight unique features and benefits: Emphasize the superior quality, reliability, and design of the product. Mention any new or unique features that set it apart from competitors.

4. Explain how the product resolves problems: Describe how the product can solve specific problems or meet specific needs of the recipient.

5. Mention increasing demand and competitive pricing: Highlight the growing popularity of the product and its competitive pricing.

6. Enclose supporting materials: Mention that brochures, technical data, price lists, and other materials are enclosed with the document.

7. Offer a demo if required: State that a demo of the product can be provided upon request.

8. Provide contact information: Include contact details for any further questions or inquiries.

9. End with a closing: Conclude the document with a closing, expressing enthusiasm and anticipation for a response from the recipient.

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