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Sales / Marketing Communication

Introduction of New Sales Representative

Introduction of new sales representative to customer / client to service the account.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Sales / Marketing Communication' is an important communication tool used in the sales and marketing department of a company. It serves the purpose of introducing a new sales representative, named 'name', to a customer. The document is addressed to the customer and is dated with the current date.


The detailed introduction of the entire document starts with addressing the recipient as 'first last' and expressing the intention to introduce 'name' as the new sales representative. It is mentioned that 'name' will be replacing the previous sales representative and will be the principal representative in serving the customer's account.


The introduction then provides information about 'name's' experience in the industry, including previous positions held at different companies. It is emphasized that 'name' brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience into serving the customer. Additionally, it is mentioned that 'name' has a degree in the relevant field from a specific school/university.


The document concludes by expressing the company's confidence in 'name' and requesting the customer to provide feedback after dealing with him/her. The company emphasizes its commitment to serving customers and expresses eagerness to hear from the customer.


In summary, the document serves as a formal introduction of a new sales representative to a customer, highlighting their experience and qualifications, and requesting feedback from the customer.

How to use this document?

1. Address the recipient: Begin the document by addressing the recipient as 'first last' and include the current date.

2. Introduce the new sales representative: Clearly state the purpose of the document, which is to introduce the new sales representative named 'name'.

3. Provide background information: Highlight the experience of the new sales representative, including previous positions held at different companies. Mention any relevant qualifications or degrees.

4. Emphasize the value brought by the new sales representative: Highlight the invaluable knowledge and experience that the new sales representative brings into serving the customer.

5. Request feedback: Express the company's commitment to serving customers and request the customer to provide feedback after dealing with the new sales representative.

6. Conclude the document: Sign off the document with a formal closing, including the account first name, account last name, account job, and company.


Note: Customize the document by replacing 'first last', 'name', 'previous position', 'previous company', 'field', 'school / university', 'account first name', 'account last name', 'account job', and 'company' with the relevant information.

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