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Notification to Clients / Customers

Notification to Clients / Customers

Launch of New Product

Writing to Customer / Client on the launch of a new Product.

We are pleased to announced that we have just launched a new product, [PRODUCT]. [PRODUCT] has received great reviews from [industry group / consumer body / media / testing agency] in terms of [superior quality, reliability and design].

What makes this product unique are [ADD ANY NEW OR UNIQUE FEATURES OF THE PRODUCTS – e.g. technology, integration, appearance, colour, storage, support, format etc.].

[This product is developed to resolve the long-standing issue of [ISSUE]. [PRODUCT] will help to resolve problems of [PROBLEMS]. It is suitable not only for use in [USE], but also a good choice for [OTHER USE]. Sales is beginning to take off and we are seeing demand increasing exponentially.]

new product

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