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Quotation Letter for Interior Design/Decorations

For New Tenant/Home Owner

This document can be used as a template for quotation letter to welcome the new tenant or new home owners. This document can be used by the store owner to attract the new owner to visit their shop in the neighbourhood.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Quotation Letter for Interior Design/Decorations' is a letter that serves as a welcome message to the recipient who has recently moved into a new home. The purpose of this letter is to introduce the sender's store and its range of goods, as well as offer a free gift to the recipient. The letter starts with a friendly greeting and expresses the sender's desire not to disturb the recipient during their settling-in period. It then proceeds to explain why the sender's store, referred to as 'shop,' is well-known in the town and surrounding areas.


The letter emphasizes the store's location and invites the recipient to visit and explore the exciting range of goods available. To provide a preview of the store's offerings, a shopping guide is enclosed with the letter. The guide showcases a wide variety of products that can enhance the comfort and beauty of the recipient's home.


As an added incentive for newcomers, the sender is offering a free gift. The letter includes a card that is valid for one calendar month and entitles the recipient to select goods of their choice as the free gift. The sender hopes that the recipient will enjoy living in their new home and encourages them to take advantage of this special offer.


In summary, the 'Quotation Letter for Interior Design/Decorations' is a warm and welcoming letter that introduces the sender's store, highlights its range of goods, and offers a free gift to the recipient. It aims to establish a positive relationship with the recipient and encourage them to visit the store.



How to use this document?

1. Read the letter: Start by reading the entire letter to understand its purpose and content.

2. Familiarize yourself with the sender: Take note of the account first name, account last name, account job, and company mentioned in the letter. This will help you identify the sender and their affiliation.

3. Understand the date: Note the current date mentioned in the letter. This indicates when the letter was written.

4. Comprehend the greeting: The letter begins with a greeting addressed to 'sir/madam.' This indicates that the letter is intended for the recipient of the new home.

5. Learn about the sender's store: The letter introduces the sender's store, which is referred to as 'shop.' It mentions the store's location and invites the recipient to visit.

6. Explore the range of goods: The letter mentions an enclosed shopping guide that showcases various products for home decoration and improvement. Take time to browse through the guide to get an idea of the available options.

7. Note the free gift offer: The letter mentions a card enclosed with the letter that entitles the recipient to select goods as a free gift. The card is valid for one calendar month.

8. Enjoy the new home: The sender expresses well wishes and hopes that the recipient enjoys living in their new home.

9. Consider visiting the store: If interested, plan a visit to the sender's store to explore the range of goods mentioned in the letter.

10. Redeem the free gift: If desired, use the enclosed card within the specified timeframe to select goods as the free gift.

11. Keep the letter for reference: It may be helpful to keep the letter for future reference or to contact the sender if needed.


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