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Sales / Marketing Communication

Customer Survey

Complete our customer survey for a chance to shape our services! Get rewarded with a generous discount on your next purchase.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Sales / Marketing Communication' is a communication piece that is intended to be sent to customers or clients. The document serves the purpose of soliciting feedback from the recipients and offering them a reward in return. The importance of this document lies in its ability to gather valuable feedback from customers, which can help improve the services or products offered by the company.


The entire document consists of a letter addressed to the recipient, which starts with a greeting and includes a request for feedback. The letter also expresses gratitude for the recipient's past use of the company's services and emphasizes the importance of their feedback. The document further provides a link to a survey that the recipient is requested to fill out. Additionally, the letter mentions that upon successful completion of the survey, the recipient will be rewarded with a $50 voucher.


Each section of the document can be described as follows:


1. To: This section includes the recipient's name and serves as the salutation of the letter. It is personalized to address the individual recipient.


2. Dated: This section includes the current date, indicating when the letter was written. It adds a sense of timeliness to the communication.


3. Dear Title Last: This section addresses the recipient by their title and last name, adding a professional touch to the communication.


4. Leave Us Comments and Win a $50 Voucher!: This section serves as the main content of the letter. It expresses gratitude to the recipient for using the company's services and requests their feedback. It also mentions the reward of a $50 voucher for completing the survey.


5. Thank You for Using Our Services!: This section expresses appreciation to the recipient for their past use of the company's services. It emphasizes the importance of their feedback in order to improve the customer experience.


6. We Treasure Your Comments: This section highlights the value placed on the recipient's feedback and emphasizes the company's commitment to providing the best experience possible.


7. Please Spend 5 Minutes Filling Out the Following Survey: Link: This section provides a clear instruction to the recipient to fill out the survey. It includes a link to the survey, making it easy for the recipient to access and complete.


8. To Thank You, We Would Like to Offer You a $50 Voucher Upon Successful Completion of the Survey: This section reiterates the reward of a $50 voucher and emphasizes that it will be given upon successful completion of the survey.


9. We Look Forward to Seeing You!: This section concludes the letter by expressing anticipation for future interactions with the recipient. It adds a friendly and welcoming tone to the communication.


Overall, this document serves as an effective way to gather feedback from customers and incentivize their participation through a reward. It demonstrates the company's commitment to improving their services and maintaining a positive relationship with their customers.

How to use this document?

1. Address the recipient: Personalize the letter by addressing the recipient by their name and title.

2. Express gratitude: Thank the recipient for their past use of the company's services to create a positive tone.

3. Request feedback: Clearly state the purpose of the communication, which is to solicit feedback from the recipient.

4. Emphasize importance of feedback: Highlight the value placed on the recipient's feedback and its role in improving the customer experience.

5. Provide survey link: Include a link to the survey and instruct the recipient to spend 5 minutes filling it out.

6. Offer reward: Mention the reward of a $50 voucher that will be given upon successful completion of the survey.

7. Conclude on a positive note: Express anticipation for future interactions with the recipient and maintain a friendly tone.

8. Follow up: Monitor the responses to the survey and ensure that the promised reward is delivered to eligible participants.

9. Analyze feedback: Use the feedback received to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance the company's services or products.

10. Communicate changes: If any changes are made based on the feedback received, communicate them to the customers to show that their feedback was valued and acted upon.

11. Repeat the process: Regularly send out similar communications to gather ongoing feedback and continuously improve the customer experience.

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