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Inspection Certificate


This is an inspection certificate to be issued by an organisation following inspection of goods to certify that the goods have been manufactured in compliance with the specifications as requested by the buyer.

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What is an Inspection Certificate? 

An inspection certificate is a document issued by a company that certifies that goods have been inspected and that they have been produced by a manufacturer in conformity with any specifications made in a purchase order or sales contract.

The company engaged to conduct an inspection is usually an independent company, which specialises in conducting inspections of goods.

Whether an inspection certificate is necessary is dependent on rules and regulations issued by the country to which the goods are being exported.

How to use the document

This document should be used by independent inspection companies after they have conducted an inspection of goods.

When using this document, information to be filled in includes:

  • Product model number

  • Quantity

  • Order Number

  • Documentary Credit Number

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of an inspection certificate in export and import businesses? 

An inspection certificate certifies that certain goods have been manufactured or produced in conformity with the specifications as made in the sale of goods agreement pertaining to the goods. The goods will be inspected to ensure conformity with all specifications including with regards to quality, quantity and tariff classifications.

Who should issue and sign the inspection certificate? 

An inspection certificate should be issued and signed by an inspector, who usually works for an inspection company independent from the transaction.

They are issued after an inspector has conducted an inspection and verified that the goods conform with all relevant specifications as made in a relevant sale of goods agreement.

What are the benefits of an inspection certificate for exporters and importers? 

An inspection certificate helps a buyer ensure that the goods they have ordered conform with the specifications they have made in a sale of goods agreement.

Inspections by independent third parties help buyers avoid disputes as to the quality of goods with manufacturers.


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