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Enquiry of Sailing Service

Freight Rate and Time

This document can be used as a template to make enquiries of the details of the sailing service including the freight rate and the time. 

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Fill Information

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Review Document

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Enquiry of Sailing Service' is an important document that serves the purpose of requesting information about the freight rates and sailings of a specific service. It is typically used by individuals or companies who are in need of transportation services for their goods.


The entire document consists of a brief introduction, followed by the main content which includes the sender's information, the purpose of the enquiry, and the sender's signature. The introduction states the sender's job position and company name, providing credibility to the enquiry. The main content begins with the current date, indicating the timeliness of the enquiry.


The body of the document starts with a salutation, addressing the recipient as 'dear sir / madam'. This polite and formal greeting sets the tone for the rest of the document. The sender then proceeds to state the purpose of the enquiry, which is to request a freight rate quote and details about sailings. The sender emphasizes the urgency of the request by using the phrase 'we shall shortly have ready for shipment', indicating that the sender requires prompt information to make necessary arrangements.


The document concludes with a closing phrase, 'yours sincerely', followed by the sender's first name, last name, and job company. This provides a professional touch to the document and signifies the sender's willingness to establish a business relationship.


In summary, the document 'Enquiry of Sailing Service' is a formal request for information about freight rates and sailings. It consists of an introduction, the main content, and a closing phrase. The document is concise, yet conveys the sender's intention clearly and professionally.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the 'Enquiry of Sailing Service' document:


1. Enter your information: Fill in your job company and address in the designated fields. This will ensure that the recipient knows who the enquiry is coming from and can respond accordingly.


2. Specify the current date: Update the document with the current date to indicate the timeliness of your enquiry. This will help the recipient understand the urgency of your request.


3. Address the recipient: Begin the document with a polite salutation, such as 'dear sir / madam'. This sets a professional tone and shows respect to the recipient.


4. Clearly state the purpose: Clearly state that you are enquiring about freight rates and sailings. Be specific about the information you require, such as the rate for freight and the typical time taken for the voyage. This will help the recipient understand your needs and provide accurate information.


5. Use a professional closing: End the document with a closing phrase, such as 'yours sincerely', followed by your first name, last name, and job company. This adds a professional touch and shows your willingness to establish a business relationship.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 'Enquiry of Sailing Service' document to request the necessary information for your transportation needs.

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