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An email or letter of apology regarding incorrect quantity of goods delivered. The letter explains the reason for the mistake and the remedial action(s) being taken.

The Main Contents of this Document Include

(a) Apology for delivering incorrect quantity of goods 

(b) sending the remaining shipment with a confirmed delivery date.

(c) explanation of the error made with options to choose from clerical error / shipper's error

(d) assurance to the customer that it would not happen 

(e) option to provide a discount on the  remaining quantity to the customer

How to use this Document?

Upon receiving a complaint regarding the incorrect quantity of goods delivered, this apology letter template can be used to draft an apology to the customer for the inconvenience caused. 

Customer information including name and address; name of the products and the revised delivery date should be included in the letter. Mention the discount% if a discount on the remaining quantity is being offered to the customer.


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Document Type:

Letter / e-mail / note / correspondence


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