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Apology Letter - Goods / Products Delivery

Late Delivery

An email or letter of apology to customers regarding the delayed delivery of products. It gives a detailed explanation as to the reasons for the late arrival of goods and provides an apology for being late.

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Document Description

This document can be used to draft an email or letter of apology to customers regarding late delivery of products. It gives a detailed explanation as to the reasons for the late coming of the goods and apologies for being late.

Negative experiences encountered by customers are inevitable no matter how hard companies tried to avoid them. However, unresolved complaints from customers are harmful to the reputation of companies. Companies shall send a letter of apology with appropriate remedies to the affected customer as soon as possible. 

In this letter, the company apologises for the late delivery of goods and for the customer's inconvenience. The letter shows sincerity to remedy the situation by explaining to the customer that customer satisfaction matters to the company. 

The letter also states the company values quality and it offers the customer compensation to remedy the situation. It indicates that appropriate measures will be carried out, and there will be a discount for the customer.

It also explains the reasons for the delay of goods, such as unexpected weather conditions and accidents. 

How to use this Document?

Upon receiving a complaint letter about a late delivery, this document can be used to relay profound apologies for the inconvenience caused by the late delivery. This email/letter of apology should be addressed to the customer and drafted as soon as possible to show the sincerity of the sender. 

Customize the letter by choosing the reason for the late delivery i.e. 

(a) sent to incorrect address

(b) too many orders (peak season)

(c) turnover of staff

(d) unexpected events (strike, fire, flood, cyclone, earthquake, blackout, accident. Force majeure)

Customer information including the name and address, details of the Products, order number, date of the order, revised delivery date should be included in the letter.

Overall, use this template to express sincere apologies for the delay in shipment. 


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