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Product / Goods Enquiry

Late / Missing Delivery

Enquiry on the late delivery of the product / goods ordered.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Product / Goods Enquiry' is an important communication tool used to inquire about the status of an order for products or goods. It is typically sent by a customer to a supplier or vendor to request information regarding the shipment and delivery of a specific order.


The document begins with a formal salutation and includes the sender's contact information, such as their name, address, and the current date. The recipient's information, including their title and last name, is also mentioned.


The content of the document consists of a polite request for confirmation of the shipment and delivery status of the ordered products. The sender mentions that the products were expected to arrive on a specific delivery date but have not been received yet. The urgency of the situation is emphasized by stating the need for the products before a certain event or season.


The sender then asks the recipient to check with their shipper regarding the status of the delivery and requests them to provide the tracking number associated with the order. This tracking number will enable the sender to follow up with the shipper independently.


The document concludes with a polite expression of gratitude for the recipient's assistance and ends with a formal closing and the sender's name, job title, and company.


Overall, the 'Product / Goods Enquiry' document serves as a formal request for information regarding the shipment and delivery of ordered products. It is important as it allows the sender to track the progress of their order and ensures timely delivery, especially when there is a time-sensitive requirement.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the 'Product / Goods Enquiry' document:


1. Begin by addressing the recipient: Start the document by addressing the recipient with their appropriate title and last name. This ensures that the communication is directed to the intended recipient.


2. Provide order details: Clearly mention the details of the order, such as the quantity of products ordered and the date of the order. This helps the recipient identify the specific order being inquired about.


3. Request confirmation and status update: Politely request the recipient to confirm whether the order has been shipped and inquire about the status of the delivery. Emphasize the urgency of the situation if applicable.


4. Ask for tracking number: Request the recipient to provide the tracking number associated with the order. This will enable you to independently track the progress of the delivery.


5. Express gratitude: Conclude the document by expressing gratitude for the recipient's assistance and cooperation. Use a formal closing and include your name, job title, and company.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 'Product / Goods Enquiry' document to inquire about the status of your order and ensure timely delivery of the products.

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