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Apology Letter - Goods / Products Delivery

Misrepresentation of Product (Manufacturer / Supplier to Business -- Positive)

This is a letter of apology to the customer regarding damaged goods during the delivery process. The supplier confirms replacement of the goods and reimbursement.

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Document Description

This business apology letter can be used to draft a letter of apology/ apology mail to a customer for sending damaged goods/ products. This document also offers to replace damaged goods/ products and reimburse any charges induced.

Logistics errors are inevitable no matter how hard companies try to avoid them. To minimise the inconvenience caused to customers by such logistics errors, companies should send a letter of apology to the customer outlining how the company plans to rectify the situation. 

In this letter, the company apologises for delivering damaged goods and for the customer's inconvenience. The letter shows sincerity in remedying the situation by explaining to the customer that customer satisfaction matters to the company. 

This apology letter also states that the company values quality, and it offers the customer compensation to remedy the situation. It indicates that appropriate steps will be taken, including sending a replacement for each of the damaged goods/products and that any charges induced for the customer will be reimbursed

It also states the reason why the goods were damaged.

It ends on a positive note and shows sincerity. 

How to use this Document? 


Upon receiving a complaint letter from a customer, this email/letter of apology should be sent to the consumer to apologise for the damaged goods delivered. This letter should be drafted as soon as possible to show the sincerity of the sender. 

This letter should be customised by including details of the customers, damaged goods/ products, reason for the damage, etc. 


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