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Apology Letter - Goods / Products Delivery

Wrong Product Delivered

A letter of apology to customers regarding incorrect product delivered. It offers delivery of replacement goods or reimbursement to customers, and provides an explanation of the error made.

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Document Preview

Document Description

A letter of apology to customers for delivering wrong goods. The document includes:

(a) Apology for the delivery of incorrect goods

(b) Sending the replacement to the customer and requiring the customer to return the incorrect goods.

(c) explanation of the error made with options to choose from handling / system / process / sales error

(d) assurance to the customer that it would not happen 


How to use this Document? 


Upon receiving a complaint letter from a customer for receiving incorrect goods, the recipient of the complaint letter may use this template to draft their sincere apology for the wrong delivery

It extends an apology for the error and that steps are taken to examine the mistake as well as to avoid future mistakes. 

The letter can be customized by choosing the appropriate reason that led to the delivery of incorrect goods. Customer information including name and address, order date, revised delivery date should be included in the letter.



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