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Internal Privacy Policy/ Personal Data Protection Policy

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Looking for an Internal Privacy Policy Template? Protect your employees' personal data and ensure compliance with this easy-to-use guide. Safeguard your company's reputation and show your commitment to privacy.

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The document is important for a company as it demonstrates its commitment to protecting the privacy of its employees, clients and all relevant parties. The document serves as a comprehensive guide for the company's employees to ensure that all information to which they have access during their work is collected, handled, and stored safely.

The document begins with a general purpose section which emphasizes the company's dedication to treating information with care. The purpose of the policy is then clearly stated, which is to set out policies and procedures for protecting the privacy of employees and clients. These procedures guide employees in handling information. Also, the interpretation section defines key terms used in this document and provides examples of personal data.

The document then proceeds to outline the company's procedures for handling personal data. It emphasizes general principles such as processing personal data only for legitimate business interests, operational interests, or legal obligations. It also highlights the company's promise not to sell, transfer, or disclose personal data to third parties without consent, except for sharing with corporate affiliates.

The document further explains the company's procedures for obtaining data subjects' consent before processing their data. It specifies the information that must be provided to data subjects, such as the identity of the data controller, purpose and methods of processing personal data, scope of personal information processed, and any third parties involved. It also addresses special circumstances where consent may not be required.

The document concludes with information on how employees can raise allegations of breach and the company's commitment to supporting such allegations in good faith. It also provides contact information for further guidance and specifies the revision date of the agreement.

In short, this document is a comprehensive guide for employees in terms of internal privacy and data protection policy.


How to Use the Document? 

1. Read the General Purpose section: The purpose of this document is to outline the policies and procedures implemented by the company to protect the privacy of employees, customers, and clients.

2. Understand the Interpretation section: This section defines terms that are used throughout the document, such as Data Controller, Data Processors, Data Subjects, and Personal Data.

3. Read the Company's Procedures section: This section outlines the general principles the company adheres to in order to protect personal data, such as only processing data for legitimate purposes and obtaining consent from data subjects. It also explains the procedures that the company follows in case of obtaining data subjects’ consent, and how to exercise the rights granted to data subjects under GDPR.

4. Take note of the Confidentiality and Security section: This section outlines the company's commitment to protecting the confidentiality and security of personal data.

5. Review the entire document: Make sure you understand all the policies and procedures outlined in the document.

6. Attend regular training: All employees should attend regular training sessions to ensure they have sufficient knowledge about the policies and procedures outlined in the document.

7. Exercise your rights as a data subject: If you are a data subject, you have the right to access, correct, and erase your personal data. You can exercise these rights by giving legal and reasonable notice to the company.

By following these steps, you can better understand how to use this document and ensure that you are in compliance with the company's policies and procedures for protecting personal data.


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