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Appraisal Scheme Review Questionnaire

Appraisal Form

This document can be used as an appraisal scheme review questionnaire. It can be used to examine whether the objectives of the scheme have been met. 

An appraisal/employee evaluation is usually an annual process, whereby an employer assesses the performance of an employee. It is a key process for every business whereby an employer can highlight strengths but also areas of improvement for employees.

Appraisals are often used by employers to benchmark and compare the performances of different employees in a particular department. It is often also used by employers to decide whether to offer promotions, bonuses or other job-related perks to employees.

An appraisal scheme review questionnaire allows appraisers and companies to gather feedback on the appraisal scheme and reflect on its utility and effectiveness. The form and structure of the scheme can also be reflected upon. 

How to use this document?

Employers in general corporate roles may provide the appraisal scheme review questionnaire to employees and gather feedback on the company's appraisal scheme.  

This appraisal scheme review questionnaire should be used after the employer’s appraisal process to gather feedback on the company's appraisal scheme. It can be used to highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the scheme.

How to tailor this document for your needs?

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