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Notification to Employee / Staff

Warning - Poor Performance

Last warning to employee / staff on improving performance in relation to specific areas.

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Document Description

This is a letter giving a last/final warning to an employee for poor performance. 

This letter clearly highlights that poor performance is the reason for this final warning and gives concrete examples of particular instances in which the employee's performance has not met the organisation's expectations. 

It then proceeds to outline specific duties and tasks, the performance of which, the employee must improve upon. 

This letter finishes by informing the employee that if improvements are not made, the employee's employment with the organisation may be terminated. 

How to use this Document?

This letter should be used by employers to issue a final written warning to an employee for poor performance.

This letter should be issued by an employer to an employee in accordance with any, already established, internal disciplinary procedures for capability and poor performance. 

It should be carefully read by the employer before sending. An employer may also decide to create a carbon copy of this letter, which can be filed with the human resources of the organisation. 


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