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Request for Employment Verification

Request for Employment Verification

Employee Background Check

This is a letter from a candidates prospective employer to the candidates ex-employer seeking to verify information provided as part of an application for employment.

Employers routinely conduct background checks on applicants to verify information provided by the applicant as part of their information. Information frequently sought to be verified include items such as job title(s), duration of employment, dates of employment and information regarding the general performance of the employee. 

This letter explains to a candidates ex-employer that the candidate has applied for employment at a specified company. It explains that as part of the candidate's employment history, he/she has included the ex-employers company. The letter requests verification of certain information including job title(s), duration of employment and information regarding performance, including any recommendations. 

How to use this Document?

Parents should address this letter to the referee provided by the candidate at the company being contacted. You may also create a carbon copy (CC) for the registrar or administrative head of your company. 

The ex-employer should make a reply to address the concerns of prospective employment. 

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