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Workplace Health & Safety Checklist


This document can be used as a template for Workplace Health & Safety Checklist by an organization. The checklist could be completed by organisations prior to being approved as registered employers.

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Document Description

This document can be used as a template for an employee wellness report used by the human resources department. It sets out the detail of the investigation, the process, the findings of the investigation, the conclusions and the suggestions made in relation to the investigation. 

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read.

The Employee Wellness Report should be a review of the scientific and trade literature to identify the prevalence of wellness programs, their key components, their use of incentives, their effectiveness, their return on investment, and best practices for the future development of the company. It is used to gauge and understand how much importance employees give to their wellness and wellbeing at the workplace.

An employee wellness survey helps you understand the wellness preference of employees in the workplace. Employee wellbeing is directly proportional to the employee(s) performance at work.

This letter should be sent by the Human Resources Department, if applicable.

Doing an Employee Wellness Report can bring about multiple advantages, such as:

  • Finding work-life balance

Finding a work-life balance is crucial for all employees. Some of your employees may be parents, some of your employees may be attending some classes, while some may be traveling long distances to come to work. Employee wellness surveys will help you identify the concerns of these employees and help address them. You can pass on the data collected to managers so they can provide flexibility or help as and when needed.

  • Identify gaps

Not all organizations run employee wellness programs. It is, however, crucial that all organizations have some sort of wellness program in place, big or small. Conducting workplace wellbeing surveys will help you identify any gap areas in your programs and bridge them effectively.

  • Provide competent health insurance plans

Organizations must provide market comparable health insurance plans. Conducting worksite wellness surveys will help you identify what employees feel about your insurance plans, and what possible additions can be made to it for employees’ benefit.

  • Improve employee satisfaction

Employee wellness affects employee satisfaction in a lot of ways. Any health issues or medical conditions may hamper an employee’s performance and satisfaction at work. Conducting surveys can help identify these issues and provide necessary help to all employees concerned.

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