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Letter to Initiate Settlement Discussion

No Previous Disciplinary Actions/Performance Management

This document can be used as a template for a letter to initiate a discussion of settlement. It is to be used by the employer / the human resources department to discuss a deal/offer for the employee to leave the current position/ be released from the current position in exchange for a payment. 


How to use this document?

This document should be used by the employer / human resources department.

This document could be adapted to meet the specific needs of a company, and some steps must be followed according to law. 

It is essential to have good and effective communication with the staff and representatives during the whole process. 


How to tailor this document for your needs?

  1. 1. Create Document: Click the “Create Document” button and fill in any additional information by following the step-by-step guide on the left-hand side of the preview document and click the “Next” button.

  2. 2. When you are done, click the “Get Document” button and you can download the document in Word or PDF format.

human resources
employee settlement
deed of release
lay off
poor performance
professional misconduct
disciplinary action

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