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Induction Checklist

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This document can be used as a template for an induction list for new employees. It sets out the steps that the employee should work through and the expectations for the employee. It also sets out the plan for the employee's career development at a different stage of his/her career.

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Document Description

The Induction Checklist is an important document that serves as a guide for the onboarding process of new employees. It ensures that the new employee is properly introduced to the organization, its policies, and procedures. The checklist is divided into three sections: first day, first week, and first month. Each section has specific tasks and objectives that need to be completed.


In the first day section, the checklist includes tasks such as welcoming the new employee, showing them their workspace, introducing them to their line manager and colleagues, and familiarizing them with the organization's facilities. It also covers important matters like dealing with paperwork such as P45, national insurance number, and security card, and outlining health and safety guidelines.


The first week section focuses on providing a comprehensive introduction to the company. It includes tasks like explaining the company's structure, future plans, and developments, giving a brief history of the organization, and providing a detailed explanation of the new employee's job and how it fits into the organization. It also covers training opportunities, terms and conditions of employment, and important rules and policies.


The first month section emphasizes the organization's commitment to equal opportunities and employee representation. It also includes an informal meeting with the line manager to assess the new employee's adjustment to their role and identify any coaching or training needs. Additionally, it highlights the importance of a review at the three-month mark to evaluate the new employee's performance, identify development needs, and adjust work targets if necessary.


Overall, the Induction Checklist plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth onboarding process for new employees by providing a detailed roadmap for their integration into the organization.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the Induction Checklist:


1. First Day:

- Welcome the new employee and introduce them to their workspace.

- Introduce them to their line manager, colleagues, and 'buddy'.

- Show them around the organization and its facilities.

- Assist with paperwork such as P45, national insurance number, and security card.

- Provide an overview of health and safety guidelines.


2. First Week:

- Explain the company's structure, future plans, and developments.

- Provide a brief history of the organization.

- Fully explain the new employee's job and its role within the organization.

- Outline expected performance and assessment methods.

- Discuss training opportunities and future development prospects.

- Review and ensure understanding of terms and conditions of employment.

- Highlight important rules and policies, including job performance, discipline, absence, and complaints procedures.


3. First Month:

- Conduct detailed training on health and safety in the organization.

- Emphasize the organization's commitment to equal opportunities.

- Provide information on employee representation and trade union membership.

- Conduct an informal meeting with the line manager to assess adjustment and identify coaching or training needs.


4. At Three Months:

- Review the new employee's performance and assess their settling-in period.

- Identify any development needs and set timescales for achieving them.

- Adjust work targets if required.


By following this step-by-step guidance, the Induction Checklist can be effectively used to ensure a successful onboarding process for new employees.

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