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Employment and Declaration Form

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Streamline employee onboarding with our comprehensive document guiding new hires to disclose relevant legal and disciplinary matters to their employer.

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Document Description

The Employment and Declaration Form is an essential part of the Company's onboarding process, designed to ensure transparency and compliance. In this form, new hires are requested to provide accurate information regarding their employment history, including any previous employment with the Company or its subsidiary companies, and whether they have relatives currently employed within the organisation. Additionally, applicants are required to indicate their United States citizenship or residency status, providing their social security number if applicable, along with details regarding any previous bankruptcy declarations.

The form also addresses any pending judgments or past judgments against the applicant, requesting them to disclose relevant information. Moreover, applicants are asked to indicate if they have ever faced disciplinary actions, fines, or warnings from regulatory bodies or stock exchanges. By completing this form, individuals affirm that the information provided is true to the best of their knowledge. They are aware that any misrepresentation on the form may result in immediate dismissal.

To ensure a smooth onboarding experience and comply with legal requirements, new hires are encouraged to thoroughly review and sign the Employment and Declaration Form. This form promotes transparency, integrity, and a compliant work environment at [Company Name]. By accurately completing the form, applicants contribute to a seamless onboarding process and demonstrate their commitment to complying with the organisation's standards and regulations.

How to use this document?

Steps to Complete the Employment and Declaration Form: Ensuring a Smooth Onboarding Process

1. Employment History: Indicate whether you have been previously employed by [Company Name] or its subsidiary companies by checking the corresponding box: [ ]Yes [ ]No. If you have been employed before, provide accurate details regarding your previous employment.

2. Relatives Employed: Specify if you have any relatives currently working for [Company Name] or its subsidiaries by selecting the appropriate option: [ ]Yes [ ]No. If applicable, provide further information about your relatives' employment within the organisation.

3. United States Citizenship or Residency: Determine if you are a United States Citizen or resident (Green Card Holder) subject to tax under the Internal Revenue laws governing citizens and residents in the United States. If you fall under this category, mark the box: [ ]Yes. Provide your social security number. In case you have canceled your Green Card in the past, remember to submit supporting documents as requested.

4. Bankruptcy Status: If you are currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings or have been declared bankrupt in the past, select the appropriate option: [ ]Yes [ ]No. If you have experienced bankruptcy, provide relevant details as requested.

5. Judgments: Specify whether you have any pending judgments against you or if judgments have been made against you in the past by choosing the relevant option: [ ]Yes [ ]No. If affirmative, provide the necessary details related to these judgments.

6. Disciplinary Actions: Indicate if you have ever faced disciplinary actions, fines, or warnings from regulatory bodies or stock exchanges by selecting the appropriate option: [ ]Yes [ ]No. If yes, provide comprehensive details regarding these disciplinary measures.

7. Confirmation and Signature: Confirm the truthfulness of the information you have provided by signing the form. By signing, you acknowledge that any misrepresentation on this form may result in immediate dismissal. Include your full name, signature, and the current date in the respective fields.

Completing the Employment and Declaration Form accurately is vital to ensure a smooth onboarding process at [Company Name]. It demonstrates your commitment to transparency and compliance, fostering a trustworthy work environment.

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