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Appraisal Form (employee evaluation form)

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Appraisal/employee evaluation form to assess an employee’s competence in key work-related skills and performance against pre-determined departmental objectives. This form is suitable for employees below the managerial level.

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Document Description

The 'Appraisal Form (employee evaluation form)' is a document used for evaluating and assessing the performance of an employee. It is an essential tool for organizations to measure the effectiveness and productivity of their employees. The document consists of several sections that provide a comprehensive evaluation of the employee's work.


The document begins with a title that clearly indicates its purpose, followed by the current year and jurisdiction state. This information sets the context for the appraisal process.


The first section of the document is dedicated to listing the main work done by the employee in the past year. It requires the employee to provide details of the deliverables they have worked on, including the supervisor's name and the duration of work. This section aims to capture the employee's contributions and achievements.


The second section focuses on objectives and achievements. The employee is required to list their objectives, and the appraiser evaluates their performance against these objectives. This section helps in assessing the employee's ability to meet set goals.


The document also includes a section for assessing the employee's skills. The appraiser rates the employee on various skills using a performance rating scale. The skills assessed include technical knowledge, client service, problem-solving, team-working, communication, management effectiveness, work product, and taking initiative. The appraiser provides numerical ratings for each skill and offers explanations for the ratings. The employee and appraiser can also provide additional comments.


The document concludes with a summary of the appraisal meeting, which is held to discuss the results of the appraisal. This section is completed by the appraiser and provides an overview of the meeting.


Finally, the document includes a section for setting key objectives and areas for development for the next 12 months. These objectives are discussed and agreed upon during the appraisal meeting.


Overall, the 'Appraisal Form (employee evaluation form)' is a crucial document for evaluating and assessing an employee's performance. It provides a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the employee's work, objectives, skills, and areas for development.

How to use this document?

1. List the main work done in the past year:

- Provide a detailed list of the deliverables you have worked on in the past year. Include the supervisor's name and the duration of work for each deliverable.


2. Objectives and achievements:

- List your objectives in the 'objectives' column.

- The appraiser will evaluate your performance against these objectives and provide comments in the 'comments' column.


3. Skills assessment:

- The appraiser will rate your skills using a performance rating scale.

- For each skill, provide a numerical rating in the 'appraiser rating' column.

- The appraiser should offer an explanation for the rating in the 'notes' column.

- You can provide additional comments in the 'employee comments' row.


4. Summary of appraisal meeting:

- An appraisal meeting will be held to discuss the results of the appraisal.

- This section will be completed by the appraiser after the meeting.


5. Key objectives and areas for development for the next 12 months:

- Discuss and agree upon key objectives and areas for development during the appraisal meeting.


6. Employee's signature and date:

- Sign and date the document.


7. Appraiser's signature and date:

- The appraiser should sign and date the document.

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