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Appraisal Form (employee evaluation form)

General Corporate

Appraisal/employee evaluation form to assess an employee’s competence in key work-related skills and performance against pre-determined departmental objectives. This form is suitable for employees below the managerial level.

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Document Description

This is an appraisal/employee evaluation form template to assess an employee’s competence in key work-related skills and performance against pre-determined departmental objectives. This form is suitable for employees general corporate employees (e.g. secretaries, assistants, customer service representatives etc), below the managerial level.  

An appraisal/employee evaluation is usually an annual process, whereby an employer assesses the performance of an employee. It is a key process for every business whereby an employer can highlight strengths but also areas of improvement for employees. Appraisals are often used by employers to benchmark and compare the performances of different employees in a particular department.

It is often also used by employers to decide whether to offer promotions, bonuses or other job-related perks to employees.

Appraisals are conducted through an ‘appraisal form’ or 'employee evaluation form', which records a rating of an employee’s performance against a particular specified criterion. 

This appraisal/employee evaluation form features a standardised performance rating scale, which appraisers can use to rate employees’ performance in key work-related skills. It includes descriptors for each rating to help guide appraisers in giving a performance rating. The standardised nature of the rating scale makes benchmarking and comparison, between employees, easy. It also features space for appraisers to clearly justify their rating through examples and other comments.

It has clear instructions before each section outlining which parts the employee and appraiser should fill out. 

By combining a numerical standardised performance rating scale and a requirement for appraisers to justify their rating through comments, opinions and examples, this appraisal/employee evaluation form allows for both a quantitative and qualitative appraisal of an employee’s performance.  

It also features a section allowing the appraiser to evaluate an employee’s performance against pre-determined departmental objectives.

How to use this document?

This form is suitable for employees in general corporate roles (e.g. secretaries, assistants, customer service representatives etc). 

This appraisal form should be used as part of the employer’s appraisal process to assess the performance of employees. It can be used to highlight both strengths and weaknesses in an employee’s performance.

The appraiser should carefully read the instructions included before each section which outline who - the appraiser or the employee - should fill out which parts of the section.

For communication purposes, this appraisal form should clearly mention the name of the employee being appraised, the name of the appraiser, and the period of the appraisal.

Generally, this form should first be sent to the employee. The employee should be the first to fill out sections required to be filled by them (sections "1-2"). It should then be sent by the employee to the appraiser. The appraiser should then fill out the sections required to be filled out by them (sections "2-4"). The appraiser should then organise an appraisal meeting to clearly discuss the results of the appraisal. The appraiser should fill out sections 5 and 6 based on items discussed during the appraisal meeting. 


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