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Internal Memo / Announcement

Recommendation for Internal Transfer

Internal memo on recommendation of employee / staff for internal transfer to different role.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Internal Memo / Announcement' is an internal communication that serves as a recommendation for an internal transfer within the company. The document is addressed to a specific recipient or department and is sent from the account of the person making the recommendation. The subject of the memo is the recommendation for an internal transfer.


The document begins with a brief introduction stating that the recipient had agreed with the suggestion that the position in question should be filled internally rather than externally. The author of the memo was asked to provide a recommendation for a suitable candidate within the company.


After careful consideration, the author recommends a specific individual, referred to as 'first', for the position. The author highlights that 'first' has been with the company for a number of years in a specific position and has demonstrated leadership, enthusiasm, and energy in their work. 'First' has also been leading a team and is well-liked by their team members. The author expresses confidence that 'first' will have the support of everyone for the role.


The memo also mentions another individual, referred to as 'last', who currently holds the position that 'first' would be leaving. It is suggested that 'last' would be suitable to fill 'first's present position.


The document concludes by mentioning that a revised job description for the role is enclosed, which incorporates comments from previous discussions.

How to use this document?

1. Address the memo: Begin by addressing the memo to the intended recipient or department, clearly stating who the memo is for.

2. Provide sender information: Include the sender's account first name, account last name, and account job title/department.

3. Specify the subject: Clearly state the subject of the memo, which in this case is the recommendation for an internal transfer.

4. Include the date: Include the current date when the memo is being sent.

5. Introduce the purpose: Start the memo with a brief introduction, mentioning that the recipient had agreed with the suggestion of filling the position internally.

6. Recommend a suitable candidate: Provide a detailed recommendation for the individual, referred to as 'first', who is deemed suitable for the position. Highlight their experience, leadership qualities, and positive attributes.

7. Mention the current position: Discuss the current position held by 'first' and suggest that 'last', who is currently the deputy head/vice/assistant title, would be suitable to fill 'first's present position.

8. Enclose a revised job description: Mention that a revised job description for the role is enclosed, which includes comments from previous discussions.

9. Conclude the memo: End the memo with a closing statement or any additional information that may be relevant.

10. Proofread and send: Before sending the memo, proofread it for any errors or inconsistencies, and ensure that all necessary information is included. Then, send the memo to the intended recipient(s).

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