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Pre-Employment Personal Information Form

The Pre-Employment Personal Information Form is a crucial step in the hiring process. This form collects important personal data for an offer of employment.

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Document Description

The Pre-Employment Personal Information Form is a vital document in the hiring process that requires an individual to provide accurate personal information related to an offer of employment. The form collects personal details, including the individual's full name, home phone number, email, nationality, and government ID. Educational records, professional qualifications, and employment history are also requested, along with language proficiency and details of any gaps in employment. The form ensures that an offer of employment is made on a valid basis and provides the employer with the necessary information to make informed decisions. It is important to complete all fields accurately, as insufficient or invalid information could compromise the offer of employment. The form is essential for those seeking permanent, temporary, contract, expat, or volunteer/intern positions.

The information requested in the Pre-Employment Personal Information Form is crucial for any prospective employer to make informed decisions and assess the suitability of an individual for a particular job. Therefore, it is essential to complete all fields accurately and legibly to avoid any delays or prejudice to the offer of employment.

How to use this document?

1. Read the entire form carefully: Before starting to fill in the form, it is important to read the entire document carefully to understand the information that is required to be provided.

2. Provide accurate personal details: The first section of the form requires personal information such as full name, home phone, email, nationality, government ID, and home address for the past five years. It is important to provide accurate information and avoid using abbreviated terms or initials.

3. Fill in Educational Record: In this section, the individual is required to provide information about their college/university, degree received, graduation date, grade point average/grade/percentage, major, and minor.

4. Provide Professional Qualifications: The individual needs to attach copies of certificates and provide information about their membership/qualification, the full name of qualifying body, address/telephone no., and qualification date.

5. Fill in Employment History: The individual is required to provide information about their current/last employer, including company name, address, telephone no., employment period, position held, summary of responsibilities, employee code, reported to, total compensation, last bonus received, other allowances/incentives, and reason for leaving.

6. Provide Details of Previous Employers: If the individual has worked for previous employers, they need to provide similar information as for the current/last employer.

7. Account for Breaks in Employment: The individual needs to account for all gaps in employment during the last five years and provide reasons for the break in employment.

8. Provide Language Information: The individual needs to provide information about their language proficiency in writing and speaking, including basic, intermediate, or expert level.

9. Fill in Internal Use section: The last section of the form is for internal use by the company, where they can fill in employee ID, cost center, entity, location, job title, date of hire, staff type, and remarks about permission to check current/last employer.

10. Submit the Form: Once all the required information has been filled in accurately and legibly, the individual needs to submit the form to the company.

By following these steps, the individual can ensure that they have provided all the required information accurately and legibly, which will help the company to make an informed decision about offering employment.

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