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Bartending Services Agreement


This is a Service Agreement suitable for Parties agreeing to a bartending service. Under this agreement, a Bartender was to provide bartending services in an Event for a Customer for an Agreed Price. This is drafted in favour of the Bartender.

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Document Description

This is a Service Agreement suitable for Bartending Services. Under this agreement, a Bartender were to perform catering services for a Customer in an Event for an Agreed Price. This agreement is drafted in favour of the Bartender.

The parties under this agreement agree that the Work, as prescribed, shall be carried out in accordance with and subject to this Agreement hereto.

The Bartender shall with due diligence and in a good and workmanlike manner carry out the Work using good quality ingredients / materials and a high standard of workmanship.

The Bartender shall fulfil its obligations by completing the Work, and Customer accepts such Work and deliverables without unreasonable objections.

No response from Customer within 3 business days of notice of completion to the Customer and / or deliverables being delivered by the Bartender is deemed acceptance.

The Work shall be completed by the Completion Date. If the Work has to be delayed for good reason, then the Customer may grant such an extension of the time for completion.

To protect the Bartender, clause limiting the liabilities and assignment clause are inserted.

How to use this Document?

Both the Bartender's and Customer's information should be provided in this agreement, along with their principal place of business.

The agreed price, completion date and the details of the event should also be specified, as well as clearly describe the type(s) of services were to be provided by the Bartender.

Both Parties should also provide the agreed length of warranty and time of payment after the completion of the prescribed Work in the agreement. If any, they may also specify the amount of damages per week the Customer were to be entitled if the Work could not be completed after the completion date.


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