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Private Tutor Agreement

Online Classes (without platform)

Agreement for online tutoring services provided by a private tutor without a platform / website. This is drafted in favour of the Tutor.

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Document Preview

Document Description

A private tutor agreement for providing online private tutoring services to the students without its own platform /website. The agreement is entered between the private tutor and the student/parent/guardian of the student who subscribes to the tutoring services. This is drafted in favour of the Tutor

A tutor agreement enables the tutor to lay down the terms relating to refund requests, payment, cancellation policy etc to avoid disputes.

The common contractual clauses, such as the jurisdiction clause, the entirety of the agreement clause, and severance of the agreement clause are also included in the agreement for clear reference. This is to reduce the chance of having disputes between the contractual parties.

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the student, the parent/guardian of the student.

This tutor agreement may be used when a private tutor/individual is providing private tutorial classes to the students as per the schedule and location specified in the Agreement. 

The description of the tutorial service, schedule of the classes, location, fee amount, cancellation notice period should be clearly specified in the document 

It should be displayed in a prominent place on the website for transparency and easy access


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