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Compliance Advisory

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Simple retainer from compliance co consulting /advisory firm to client for the provision of regulatory / compliance advisory services in the form of a letter setting out the term of business with fees charged on an hourly basis.

Thank you for your appointment of [COMPANY] in relation to the provision of regulatory and compliance services. We are writing to you separately today to confirm the scope of the instructions.

Our standard terms of business are set out below. These terms will apply to the matter in respect of which you have recently instructed and to any other matters in which you instruct us in future, unless agreed otherwise in writing between us.

Our Director will be principally in charge of the work and may be assisted from time to time by other Director or Associate where we consider this is appropriate e.g. to undertake the more routine and time-consuming work, or to provide additional or specialist input. [NAME] is the relationship Director with ultimate responsibility for your matter. We do reserve the right to allocate another member of staff to any matter we are handling should that be necessary or desirable at any time. If for any reason [NAME] is not available, then in the first instance you should contact another Director or any other Associate.

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