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Service Agreement - Day Care

Servicer (Daycare Centre)

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Document Preview

Document Description

This is a Service Agreement suitable for daycare services. Under this agreement, a daycare centre ("Servicer") provides supervised daycare services for a Customer for an Agreed Price. This agreement is drafted in favour of the daycare centre. 

The parties under this agreement agree that the Services, as prescribed, shall be carried out in accordance with and subject to this Agreement hereto.

The daycare centre shall comply with, and give all notices required by, any statute, any statutory instrument, rule or order or any regulation or bylaws applicable to the Service.

This version also features far fewer obligations for the daycare centre. The obligation to ensure background checks have been completed for all staff and the obligation to maintain confidentiality have been removed.

How to use this Document?

Both the daycare centre's and customer's information should be provided in this agreement, along with their principal place of business.

The agreed price and completion date should also be specified, as well as a clear description of the type(s) of services to be provided by the daycare centre. 

Both parties should also provide the agreed Services, Price and time of completion/payment in the agreement. 


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