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Legal Service Invoice Template

Invoice template for services

This is an invoice / legal invoice template which should be issued to the purchaser of the relevant legal services, indicating who should pay for the services, what items are purchased, and how much should be paid, etc.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The Legal Service Invoice Template is an important document used for billing clients for legal services provided. It serves as a record of the services rendered and the corresponding charges. The document begins with the title 'Legal Service Invoice Template' to clearly indicate its purpose.


The content of the document is divided into several sections. The first section includes the account job company's information, such as the company name, address, phone number, and email. This information is necessary for identification and contact purposes.


The next section is the 'Invoice' section, which contains details related to the invoice itself. It includes the invoice number and the current date. This information helps in tracking and organizing invoices.


Following the 'Invoice' section, there is a section titled 'To Name', which is used to specify the name of the client or customer to whom the invoice is addressed. This ensures that the invoice is directed to the correct recipient.


The document then includes a 'Thank You' message, expressing gratitude to the client for their business. This adds a personal touch and helps maintain a positive relationship with the client.


The main body of the document consists of a table with columns for 'Qty', 'Service Description', 'Unit Price', and 'Line Total'. This table is used to itemize the services provided and their corresponding charges. Each row represents a specific service, and the 'Qty' column indicates the quantity of that service. The 'Service Description' column provides a brief description of the service, while the 'Unit Price' column specifies the price per unit. The 'Line Total' column calculates the total cost for each service.


At the end of the table, there is a 'Total' row that displays the overall total amount to be paid by the client. This gives a clear summary of the total charges.


Finally, the document concludes with a payment instruction section. It advises the client to make payments to the account job company either by cheque or by direct deposit to the specified bank account. This ensures that the client knows the acceptable payment methods and where to send the payment.


In summary, the Legal Service Invoice Template is a comprehensive document that includes all the necessary information for billing clients for legal services. It covers the account job company's details, invoice information, client details, service details, total charges, and payment instructions.

How to use this document?

1. Fill in the account job company's information accurately, including the company name, address, phone number, and email. This ensures proper identification and contact.

2. Enter the invoice number and the current date in the 'Invoice' section. This helps in organizing and tracking invoices.

3. Specify the name of the client or customer in the 'To Name' section. Make sure to enter the correct name to ensure the invoice is directed to the right recipient.

4. Customize the 'Thank You' message to express gratitude to the client for their business. This helps maintain a positive relationship.

5. In the table, fill in the 'Qty' column with the quantity of each service provided. Provide a brief description of each service in the 'Service Description' column. Enter the price per unit in the 'Unit Price' column. The 'Line Total' column will automatically calculate the total cost for each service.

6. Calculate the overall total amount by summing up the 'Line Total' values. Enter this amount in the 'Total' row.

7. In the payment instruction section, inform the client to make payments to the account job company. Specify the acceptable payment methods, such as cheque or direct deposit.

8. Provide the necessary bank account details for direct deposit payments. Ensure the information is accurate and up to date.

9. Double-check all the entered information for accuracy and completeness before sending the invoice to the client.

10. Keep a copy of the invoice for your records and for future reference.

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