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Service Agreement - Corporate Training


Get high-quality on-site corporate training services with our Service Agreement. Servicer provides tailored solutions at an Agreed Price.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This Service Agreement establishes a contractual relationship between the Service Provider and the Client for the provision of on-site corporate training services. The Service Provider is an expert in delivering high-quality training programs, while the Client seeks to engage their services.

Under this Agreement, the Service Provider agrees to use their professional knowledge and skills to deliver on-site corporate training services to the Client. The Services offered encompass a wide range of training programs suitable for corporate environments, tailored to meet the specific needs of the Client.

To ensure smooth execution, the Service Provider commits to providing the Services at the designated Venue, PARTY_2_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE. They may utilise various materials, such as slides, documents, examples, and other relevant resources, to enhance the training experience.

The Service Provider undertakes to fulfil their obligations diligently and in accordance with industry standards and good commercial practice. They will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to anti-bribery and corruption as well as data protection.

Additionally, the Service Provider agrees to follow any instructions or variations issued by the Client, subject to written confirmation. Should these instructions result in a delay to the agreed Completion Date, the Service Provider can request an extension in writing, which the Client will grant if deemed fair and reasonable.

Any services requested by the Client outside the scope defined in the Agreement will require a separate agreement between the Parties.

Time is of the essence in this Agreement, and the Service Provider acknowledges the importance of timely performance. The Services are expected to be completed by the agreed Completion Date. However, if valid reasons for delay arise, the Client may grant an extension based on fairness and reasonableness.

In the event that the Services are not completed by the agreed Completion Date, the Client is entitled to liquidated damages for any period during which the Services remain unfinished.

The Service Provider agrees to assign a team of qualified employees ("Employees") to carry out the Services at the Venue. These Employees must not perform their duties under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, and they must not consume such substances while providing the Services.

Furthermore, the Service Provider is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, permits, and permissions required to deliver the Services.

To ensure successful implementation, the Client must meet any technical requirements specified by the Service Provider at least 15 days before the commencement of the Service. If technical issues arise during the Services, the Client has the right to reschedule, subject to mutual agreement.

The Service Provider must possess all relevant licenses and approvals required to operate in the specific jurisdiction where the Services will be provided.

In consideration for the Services rendered, the Client agrees to pay the Service Provider a service fee ("Fee") of CURRENCY PRICE. The Fee will be invoiced 14 days prior to the Payment Date and should be settled within 14 days after receiving the invoice. The Service Provider must maintain accurate records of any expenses incurred and provide itemised invoices with supporting documentation.

Any expense exceeding CURRENCY LIMIT requires the Client's written consent before being incurred. In the event of a dispute regarding an invoice, the Client must notify the Service Provider in writing, providing substantiating documentation or a detailed description of the dispute.

The Service Provider is responsible for providing their own supplies and equipment, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Regarding warranties and indemnities, the Service Provider must promptly inform the Client of any delays, problems, or circumstances that may affect the provision of the Services. They are obliged to rectify any defects and maintain appropriate insurance to cover their liability for injury or damage arising from the Services.

The Agreement remains in effect from the current date and continues until the agreed Completion Date, unless terminated earlier. Either Party may terminate the Agreement by providing written.

How to use this Document?

How to Use the Service Agreement: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Start Date and Parties:

- Begin by entering the current date when the agreement is being made.

- Clearly identify the Service Provider and the Client, including their names, addresses, and roles.

2. Background and Purpose:

- Provide a brief overview of the Service Provider's business of providing on-site corporate training services.

- State that the Client wishes to engage the Service Provider for corporate training services.

3. Interpretation:

- Define key terms and provide clear definitions for better understanding.

- Clarify the scope and context of the agreement.

- Specify the gender-neutral nature of the document.

4. Service Provider's Obligations:

- Describe the Service Provider's responsibilities and commitments.

- Emphasise the use of professional knowledge and skills to deliver on-site corporate training services.

- Highlight the provision of necessary materials and adherence to industry standards.

- Outline compliance with laws, regulations, and client instructions.

5. Completion of the Work:

- Emphasise the importance of completing the services by the agreed-upon Completion Date.

- Address the possibility of delays and the process for granting extensions.

- Highlight the consequences of non-completion, including liquidated damages.


- State that the Service Provider will assign a team of employees to perform the services.

- Specify expectations regarding sobriety and substance use during service provision.

7. Laws and Permits:

- Highlight the Service Provider's responsibility to obtain all necessary licenses and permits.

8. Technical Requirements:

- Explain that the Client may need to meet specific software or hardware requirements to utilize the services effectively.

- Address the Service Provider's obligation to inform the Client of these requirements in advance.

- Provide flexibility for rescheduling if technical issues arise.

9. License and Insurance:

- Outline the Service Provider's requirement to obtain applicable licenses and approvals.

- Highlight the need for appropriate insurance coverage.

10. Service Fees:

- Clearly state the agreed-upon service fee and payment schedule.

- Explain the invoicing and payment process.

- Address any additional expenses incurred by the Service Provider and the need for prior consent.

11. Warranties and Indemnities:

- Describe the Service Provider's obligation to promptly notify the Client of any delays, problems, or complaints.

- Outline the steps to rectify any defects or issues.

- Address the Service Provider's liability and indemnification for personal injury or damage.

12. Term and Termination:

- Specify the duration of the agreement and the conditions for termination.

- Outline the rights of termination for both parties.

13. Ownership of Materials:

- Clarify that materials delivered to the venue become the property of the Client.

- Address intellectual property rights and their transfer to the Client.

14. Confidential Information:

- Establish the confidentiality obligations of the Service Provider.

- Outline exceptions to the confidentiality requirement.

15. Announcements/Publicity:

- Highlight the need for prior written approval for any announcements or disclosures, except as required by law or regulations.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can effectively navigate the Service Agreement, ensuring clarity and understanding for both the Service Provider and the Client.

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