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Data Sharing Agreement

Controller to Controller

Data Sharing Agreement (Controller to Controller) for sharing personal data is available for download. This Agreement is in compliance with GDPR.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This template for Data Sharing Agreement sets out a framework for the parties to share personal data in compliance with the data protection laws.  It lays down the mutual obligation of the parties to protect and process the shared personal data only for the purpose agreed by the parties. The Agreement set out the key terms and conditions relating to:

(a) Personal Data Security

(b) Return of Personal Data

(c) Personal Data Protection Obligations of both the parties

(d) Consequences of Personal Data breach

(e) Transfer of Personal Data

How to use this Document?

This Agreement must be used when the data is being shared between the controllers within the European Economic Area.

The Parties are required to appoint a single point of contact to respond to all matters relating to the Agreement and mention the purpose as well as the type of data being shared between them.


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