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Service Agreement - Plumbing Services Contract

Servicer (Plumber)

This is a Service Agreement suitable for the provision of plumbing services. Under this agreement, a Servicer is to provide plumbing services to a Customer for an Agreed Price. This agreement is drafted in favour of the Servicer (plumber).

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Document Description

This service agreement is a legally binding contract between the servicer and the customer for the provision of plumbing services. The agreement outlines the obligations of the servicer, including the provision of services in a professional and diligent manner, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and performing daily and final cleanups. It also specifies the customer's obligations, such as paying the service fee and providing necessary supplies and equipment. The agreement includes provisions for the completion of the work by a specified completion date, the payment schedule, and the resolution of disputes. It also addresses warranties, indemnities, licenses, insurance, and confidentiality. The agreement can be terminated by either party under certain circumstances. The servicer retains ownership of intellectual property rights, and the customer agrees to keep the terms of the agreement confidential. The agreement is governed by applicable laws and provides for arbitration in case of disputes. Notices can be served by hand, email, or post, and the agreement can be executed in counterparts.

How to use this document?

To use this service agreement:


1. Review the agreement: Read the entire agreement to understand the rights and obligations of both parties.

2. Enter information: Fill in the names and addresses of the servicer and customer in the agreement.

3. Specify services: Clearly describe the plumbing services to be provided by the servicer, including any specifications or brand names.

4. Agree on completion date: If applicable, specify the completion date for the services or agree on an extended date for completion.

5. Determine service fee: Discuss and agree on the service fee to be paid by the customer for the services.

6. Set payment terms: Determine the payment schedule and due date for the service fee. Be aware of the late payment charges.

7. Discuss additional expenses: If there are any expenses not included in the service fee, agree on how these will be handled and documented.

8. Report defects: Promptly report any defects in the servicer's performance of the services to ensure timely resolution.

9. Understand warranties and indemnities: Be aware of the servicer's obligations and the customer's indemnification responsibilities.

10. Obtain necessary licenses and insurance: Ensure that the servicer has the required licenses and insurance coverage for the services.

11. Monitor performance: The customer has the right to reasonably monitor the servicer's performance and should communicate any concerns.

12. Termination: Understand the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement and the consequences of termination.

13. Ownership of materials: Be aware that the servicer retains ownership of intellectual property rights unless otherwise agreed.

14. Maintain confidentiality: Keep the terms of the agreement and any confidential information disclosed during the arrangement confidential.

15. Seek legal advice if needed: If there are any uncertainties or concerns, consult with a legal professional to ensure full understanding and compliance with the agreement.


Please note that this guidance is a summary and does not replace the need to carefully review and understand the entire agreement.

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