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Service Agreement - Corporate Training


Get top-notch on-site corporate training services from a trusted Servicer. Our Service Agreement ensures quality, convenience, and a fair Agreed Price.

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Document Description

This Service Agreement with an effective date is made between two parties. The Service Provider, specialising in on-site corporate training services, will provide the Client with top-notch training services at the agreed-upon location (Venue). The Agreement covers service obligations, completion of work, worker assignments, laws and permits, technical requirements, releases, licenses and insurance, service fees, warranties and indemnities, term and termination, ownership of materials, and confidentiality. Contact us to benefit from our professional and reliable corporate training services tailored to your needs.

How to use this Document?

How to Use This Service Agreement: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Start by reviewing the agreement details:

- Take note of the date when the agreement was entered into.

- Identify the involved parties: Party 1 (Service Provider) and Party 2 (Client).

- Make a note of the principal places of business for each party.

2. Understand the background and purpose of the agreement:

- The Service Provider specialises in providing on-site corporate training services.

- The Client wants to engage the Service Provider for on-site corporate training.

3. Interpret the agreement terms:

- Familiarise yourself with the definitions section and understand the key terms used in the agreement.

- Note that the agreement covers the provision of on-site corporate training services by the Service Provider.

4. Review the Service Provider's obligations:

- Note that the Service Provider agrees to use their professional knowledge and skills to provide the Services at the specified location (Venue).

- Understand that the Service Provider may provide materials and examples to facilitate the Services.

- Recognise that the Service Provider must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those related to anti-bribery, corruption, and data protection.

5. Learn about the completion of work:

- Acknowledge that the Services should be completed by the agreed-upon Completion Date.

- Understand that the Client may grant an extension if there are valid reasons for a delay.

- Note that if the Services are not completed by the Completion Date, the Client may be entitled to liquidated damages.

6. Understand the responsibilities regarding workers:

- Recognise that the Service Provider will assign a team of employees (Employees) to perform the Services at the Venue.

- Understand that the Service Provider can substitute Employees if necessary.

- Note the provisions regarding breaks and the prohibition of alcohol or substance use during service.

7. Note the requirements related to laws, permits, and technical aspects:

- Understand that the Service Provider must obtain all necessary licenses, permits, and permissions.

- Recognise that the Client may need to meet specific technical requirements to utilise the Services effectively.

8. Be aware of the release, license, and insurance provisions:

- Note that the Client grants the Service Provider the right to use photographs of the Venue and attendees for various purposes.

- Understand the indemnity clause and the Client's agreement to allow the Service Provider to use Venue and attendee photographs.

- Recognise that the Service Provider must obtain the required licenses and maintain necessary insurance coverage.

9. Familiarise yourself with the payment terms:

- Note the Service Fee and the schedule for payment.

- Understand the invoicing process, payment due date, and the consequences of late payment.

- Recognise that the Service Provider can incur expenses and should provide itemised invoices with supporting documents.

10. Learn about warranties, termination, and ownership:

- Understand the reporting obligations of both parties regarding delays, problems, and defects.

- Note the provisions for termination and the responsibilities of each party in case of termination.

- Recognise that materials delivered to the Venue become the property of the Client.

- Understand the ownership and use of Intellectual Property developed during the agreement.

11. Recognise the confidentiality obligations:

- Understand that both parties must maintain the confidentiality of the agreement terms and any disclosed information.

- Note the exceptions to the confidentiality obligations.

By following these steps, you can effectively understand and utilise this Service Agreement for on-site corporate training services. It covers key aspects of the agreement, including obligations, completion, workers, payment, termination, and confidentiality.

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